Well The moon is still waxing in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of electrical energy…making this a potent time to activate your own bioelectricity, known in Sanskrit as kundalini.

But wait for it…Astro News Flash:
It occurred to me like a bolt out of the blue (very Aquarius moon) as I lay down to sleep last night that the sun is now in Ophiuchus, the 13th sign. (There is much conjecture about this as it doesn’t fit into the Western astrology perspective but I feel it’s influence is worth noting)
Ophiuchus is the sign of resurrection. It is the sign of the winged serpent, one who transcends their lower nature by transmuting experiences which feel poisonous & bitter to digest. How? through conscious integration.
We do this when we see every life challenge from a higher perspective, a divine gift that’s ultimately forging us in the fire of transmutation to fulfill our highest destiny.
Ophiuchus is the bridge between Scorpio & Sagittarius. When we see the shadow as our teacher. It is the sign of initiation.
Ophiuchus is the sign of the awakened one. One who has awakened their inner serpents of sacred feminine & masculine energies. The ancients called the transit of Ophiuchus ‘the month of Tantra’ as it’s a powerful window for the activation & raising of kundalini (life force) within our spine’s central nervous cord…a process which expands our consciousness.
For those of you who have my Chakra Workout CD, doing those kundalini activation processes will have a 1000-fold effect during this window.
The sun is in Ophiuchus Nov 30-Dec 17… So maintain high frequency by doing active meditations, eating clean & staying grounded & you’ll make a quantum leap!

Blessings on your day,