Moon is now entering into Aquarius so forget trying to apply your grey matter to any kind of detail work as you’ll just find yourself daydreaming instead. In fact, even attending to mundane chores can be a struggle. This is because Aquarius attunes us to the big picture…so use this energy today & tomorrow allowing your mind to wander and ponder, as this is how we stumble across inspired ideas and visions.

As kids we are often taught that losing ourselves in thought is wrong…for instance, if we are staring out the window instead of doing the assigned task in school. However,losing one’s sharp focus and allowing oneself to drift is mentally soothing, necessary and a form of meditation…just not while using a power tools!

If you found the last couple of days challenging – with constant struggle and obstacles during the Capricorn lunar transit, today allow yourself some healing time with friends to lighten your Spirits and remember you’re not alone…we are in this together for we are essentially the one consciousness subjectively experiencing itself as separate entities.

Blessings on your day,