Moon in Aquarius

Feb 20, 2023

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Aquarius.


I am profoundly grateful for how my daily lunar guidance has been embraced since I took over the page in 2011.

It has been 11 years and the community that happened around this page is on such a scale that I still can’t wrap my head around it.

I am deeply grateful for all the personal feedback and sharing gifted to me over the years in response to my posts.

I trust that the guidance to close this chapter is a sign that together we have played a significant role in healing the collective feminine in both men and women through attuning to, and understanding the role that the lunar cycle plays in initiating our psyche to mature.

I have no doubt since we are all connected that this transition will be closely reflected in many of your lives and I look forward to hopefully sharing the next chapter, so please stay tuned as I look forward to inviting you with me on the next stage of my magical mystery tour.

Much love and blessings,

Tanishka 💖🙏


Happy New Moon!

Moon is in the final degrees of Aquarius before going void from 12.59pm to 3.54pm Sydney time.

(A void moon is when the moon is moving through the final degrees of a sign and without making any aspects to other planets.)

Moon moves into Pisces at 3.55pm, with the New Moon occurring at 6.05pm.

(To see that in your local time, click here)

Moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces today, before the new moon this evening, so you may feel a bit lackadaisical today so don’t expect to get a lot done or have crystal clear clarity of thought.

You will find your dream recall and vividness will increase as we enter the realm of Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams. So do take the time, if you can to reflect upon their meaning if you’re lucky enough to remember them.

Today is a great day to meditate so if you don’t have a regular practice, consider just sitting quietly, bringing yourself into a state of complete awareness of the present moment…

Notice everything in your outer surroundings, such as birdsong, the smells in the air, the colours and textures around you and also what you can observe within you – how you’re feeling in your body, such as whether there are any areas of stiffness, how you feel energetically, your breathing pattern…do not try to change or resist any of it.

Breathe it all into your heart space with the intent of complete acceptance of everything, just the way it is.

This is Zen.

This is conscious awareness.  

It’s a great form of meditation for those who have an active mind.

The new moon in Pisces sets the perfect tone for gentle activities, creative pursuits and rest and reflection.

A good night for a bath and a good book!

Work with the new moon in your own personalised ritual to plan, set goals and vision the month ahead.

Here are 3 simple steps to harness the power of the new moon.

Abundant blessings to you all,  



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