Moon is now waning in Aquarius, the sign that evokes the archetype of Dionysus, the inner God who governs the crown chakra. (Think ‘Mr Good Times’ who dons a kaftan & hosts parties.)

Dionysus was the only Greek God who championed women, especially those who were enslaved.

That is because Dionysus conquered his own fear of the feminine through being initiated into sacred women’s teachings. This meant he was free to express the feminine in himself & not swing between lover / destroyer.

So, toast a glass to the fearless men who take a stand for equality, who understand the feminine is a force of nature which cannot be tamed but rather befriended through trust.

Now we are in the Aquarian Age, both men & women are seeking initiation & freeing themselves from the shackles of illusion that attempted to enslave nature & women for fear of their power.

Aquarius assists us to receive great insight that liberates our light so we may express our unorthodox ideas & eccentric self expression. So today is a good day to reflect upon what parts you hide in order to gain acceptance & question the impact that has upon you.

Blessings on your day,


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