For those of you who are more sensitive, you’ll find waking up & getting out of bed challenging now we’re within the 3 day window of full moon in Pisces. This is because Pisces is ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams. So this is a time when we’re processing so much during our sleep that we can wake up feeling exhausted!

Moon is still waxing in Aquarius (before moving into Pisces tomorrow). So a good day to focus on the big picture, to gain perspective into any issues brought up from your subconscious during your sleep state.Do be mindful of grounding as much as possible, before driving, operating machinery, using knives etc this weekend as the Piscean energies can make us feel like we’re wandering around in a dream state and Aquarius is an air sign, which can have us focusing on ideas about the future rather than what we’re doing in the now.

To ground, walk around bare foot, eat root veggies and proteins, dance, make love, self pleasure or have a massage- do anything that gets you into your body.Visualize putting your roots down into the Earth! I have a Tree meditation I’ve recorded as an MP3 you can down load on my website if you find it easier to follow a guided meditation.

Blessings on your day