Moon is entering  Aquarius today after moving from Capricorn to void of course (making no major aspects) and finally transiting into Aquarius so you may find yourself pondering your future today.

Aquarius gifts us the ability to detach from karma drama, such as the ongoing circus of politics, sport or celeb gossip, so we can focus on the big picture, attuning to the contribution to the greater good we can make for all of humanity.

Given the events gaining intensity on the world stage, now is a good time to be mindful of not adding to the drama with fear-based thoughts or words about possible future conditions. Do instead visualise & affirm the highest outcome for the greater good if ever you feel your small self feeling fearful, which is a sign you’ve plugged Into drama. Or send thoughts of peace & oneness to world leaders to help them make choices based on these principles for the highest good of all.

So if you can, unplug from distractions & go within to centre yourself & experience unity & oneness with all of existence…the more people who do, the more we raise the frequency of the collective consciousness. Some of you may feel cold / flu symptoms as a way of your body activating a cleanse on your behalf. Whether it’s self-induced or not, try to eat alkaline foods (avoid meats, dairy & grains) & drink herbal teas, broths & eats lots of veggies & plant based proteins.

Blessings on your day