Moon is waning in Aquarius…so in the words of Fleetwood Mac, ‘You can go your own way’ if you find the group mind you’re faced with doesn’t resonate with your way of perceiving reality.

So if you feel like the odd one out – or trapped, frustrated or even superior to those around you as a defense for your hurt feelings because others don’t seem to ‘get you’ – this lunar transit will remind you to stop placing your focus on those who aren’t in sync otherwise you will heighten feelings of isolation & separation.

Instead, revel in your unique insights, perceptions & innovative way of expressing yourself – & look further afield to connect with those who are receptive to your viewpoint. This may be online or through trying new social activities or hobbies.

We can only embrace in another what we have developed & learned to value in ourselves, so rather than minimize the parts of you that aren’t seen & embraced by those in your immediate vicinity, go where you are embraced.

If we don’t let our differences out to be seen, we will never find our tribe so we must risk being ostracized in order to find those who resonate with us joyfully & effortlessly.

Today is a day to dare to be different – not to prove your individuality like a teenager rebelling from authority figures but simply to be true to who you really are inside.

Blessings on your day,


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