Moon is still waxing in Aquarius  So, don’t be surprised if you meet people today who are in alignment with your vision for the future, especially if your vision is to be of service to humanity.
Anyone you cross paths with today may well become an ally that you can form a symbiotic partnership with, for the good of all.
When the moon transits through Aquarius, the sign of ‘the light bringer’ we often experience fortuitous and unexpected good fortune that helps us move forward toward our dreams. Even the ones we had completely given up on.
The divine plan has it’s own timing so one cannot demand dreams be fulfilled within a specific time frame, even if we feel they would benefit others. However, we can lay the fertile ground for the fulfillment of wishes. To do that:
– do what makes you feel light-hearted
– dare to think big
– share your visions with those you meet
– count your blessings & most important of all…expect a miracle!
To get you in the zone, sing along with Patti laBelle into your hairbrush! v=BD1FYDOM4Ts

Blessings on your day,

Please share miracles large & small to inspire those who feel jaded. I would like to bless the men now gather at Menergy to heal, empower & raise the consciousness of the sacred masculine. It was not so long ago I lamented the lack of men willing to grow & make a difference. We are living in a time of miracles motivated by love! Xx