Moon in Aquarius

Dec 1, 2019

The moon is now in Aquarius, the sign of big ideas so you may have light bulb moments heralding solutions, ingenuity or ways to transcend hurdles that presented over the past few days during Luna’s transit through Capricorn.
An Aquarius transit also helps us to appreciate the needs & opinions of everyone involved in our quest as well as those affected by us pursuing our vision, such as family. Making this a good time for a reality check so we don’t lose sight of what’s needed on the ground while continuing to reach for the stars.
Aquarius is probably the most unorthodox of all the signs so you may find yourself reaching for one of your more eccentric articles of clothing today just to please your own need to express that part of yourself & not for anyone else.
The most powerful way to create change is through creating what you want the future to look like rather than spending your time fighting the status quo & trying to prove others wrong.
If you are over living in a ‘survival of the fittest’ reality, I invite you to be part of the change to create a future where we live in a more cohesive & connected way. For the more connected we feel to the whole, the less selfish our choices.
It is when people feel separate & alone that they think only of themselves, which creates choices borne out of fear that their needs won’t be met unless they focus on taking only for themselves. So the first step in creating a more benevolent & conscious world is through the experience of communion with self & others. A great practice that nurtures that is the Red Tent for women & Brotherhood Lodge for men. Both gift us an experience of being truly authentic in a spirit of supportive sisterhood / brotherhood where we are truly heard & seen which affirms our needs matter. From that place anything is possible.
If you’d like to know more about the practice of the Red Tent, you may like to read about the online course I’m
running to teach women of all ages how to create public or private Red Tent gatherings. For more info visit: as well the opportunity for our brothers to learn more through the Brotherhood lodge course for men you can find here:

Blessings on your day




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