The moon is still in Aquarius…

Sooo…expect change out of the blue like a lightning bolt you didn’t see coming over the next few days, if it hasn’t already made itself apparent in this sign. Why?

Aquarius is the messenger of the Gods. The sign of divine intervention. Aquarius is an air sign which ushers in the future & usually through an unexpected turn of events.

So if you’ve found life’s intensity too much to bear THIS is the time to acknowledge maybe your current approach isn’t working.

This humility enables us to become the cup bearer…one who opens in surrender to a higher power inviting unseen benevolent forces in for assistance.

This is everyone’s challenge as we navigate the shift from the Piscean Age (prone to martyrdom & victimhood borne of unconscious karma drama) & step into the light of a new way of doing things. Yes, this is a time for radical change.

So keep your eyes open for opportunity to step out of your own way & try something different.

And affirm in every light particle of your body that you are open & receptive to Divine Will intervening to remove the shackles of your old ways which are no longer appropriate.

And should you feel closed based on the suffering of the past, breathe in light & open your heart in gratitude that miracles are on their way & unfolding all around you ushering in untold grace.

Blessings on your day,


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