Happy Full Moon in Aquarius Everyone!

This major transit will urge us to progress & move forwards with our vision for the future but with so many planets currently retrograde we are being asked to assess what we’ve learned from our past before the way ahead is clear. This can add to feelings of restriction & frustration which we can feel when in the influence of an Aquarius moon, as it highlights what we’ve outgrown.

We are all asked to embrace & embody the positive qualities of this sign at this time, regardless of our sun (star) sign. This includes having a social conscience with concern for the greater good & considering cutting edge viewpoints & innovations which address present day issues.

We are taught to fear those who present different viewpoints as ‘radicals’ – a term which is used by the media to dismiss those who question the status quo.

So this is a good time to consider how much your mind is influenced by external programming, such as the corporate media.

The extent is evident to the degree we ridicule or dismiss ideas not mirrored by the group mind.

Moon in Aquarius is a great time to explore articles & documentaries found via social & independent media…a network which is growing the power of the people to weave a new vision of the future through shared ideas & values.

Ask, ‘How can I be more proactive in the area of social change?’ For example, through personal research. discussions with others, expressing your opinions in writing, sharing alternate viewpoints in posts, you tube videos or books or creating initiatives that create new possibilities in your community.

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Blessings on your day,


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