Moon is still in Aquarius so you may find yourself pondering the past & considering, ‘There must be a better way’…

This is because Aquarius is the sign of reformation. So when the moon transits through this sign we have a tendency to look at what could be improved upon in our current situation, moving forwards.

So today, do allow yourself to really notice what is causing stress in your life…

– energetically, feeling manic – unable to slow down enough to eat or sleep
– mentally creating a sense of not having enough time & being under pressure
– emotionally, feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or dread
– physically, such as tension headaches, a tight jaw & neck, irritable bowel, sinus or a knot in your stomach

This process is not intended to amplify feelings of stress, but to acknowledge both the extent & the reason behind it.

Only then can we address it with creative thinking & find innovative solutions to reduce the cause or minimise the impact it’s causing. Usually the cause of stress is a lack of self love. Fearing that if we dare to really honour ourselves by being honest with ourselves we will hurt others.

Wherever you are in the world, start by asking yourself, ‘How can I fill my cup today?’ This is the greatest way to ensure your contribution to the world today is filled with loving kindness.

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