Moon is now waxing in Aquarius making this an ideal time to share your big ideas, visions & future plans…particularly if they generate a solution for what in your life feels no longer workable.

This is because Aquarius moon can highlight any areas needing reform…encouraging us to seek out others who feel the same way, so together we can create positive change.

When operating in the shadow of this constellation, regardless of our personal astrological chart – we can be ‘all talk’ never putting our plans into action, only dreaming of a better world.

Cannabis, a plant medicine which opens the door to connect with The Dreaming on the inner planes of existence can easily become a seductive deva for those who wish to dull the harsh realities of life which serve as a catalyst to create real change.

So if you are in a habitual dance with this plant deva of the Aquarian Age, be mindful that just like Alice in the Looking Glass, your sleep state can be prolonged by smoking away your drive so you become more passive than active – & your motivation goes up in smoke as literal pipe dreams.

The longer we avoid commitment the more we opt out by escaping into our imagination instead of allowing our daydreams to be the source of our inspiration informing what we choose to invest energy in in our daily lives. We are here to be the bridge, to access the inner realms & then create a new way forward with expanded understanding.

So do dare to share your wildest dreams for the future. Through speaking our intent we breathe life into our plans, just be sure to follow through with action…otherwise your words will lose power along with your dreams.

Begin it now.

‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’ some claim this was first spoken by the poet, June Jordan in 1978 & others, the Hopi elder, Thomas Banyacya Sr. (1910-1999) regardless – powerful words which stir the heart in truth.

Blessings on your day,


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