Moon is still waxing in Aquarius. Which may be offering many a reprieve from the intense emotional energy as we approach full moon in Pisces this weekend since Aquarius gives us the ability to detach from drama – helping us to rise above differences & focus instead, on what we have in common.

The moon phase is currently a gibbous moon – meaning it’s between the first quarter & full moon phases. This is when in our emotional monthly cycle, we consider what adjustments may need to be made to the wishes, hopes & dreams we seeded at new moon or perhaps many moons ago.

Acknowledging that a dream we held dear for our future will not come to fruition in the way we had hoped can be challenging, for without this light of inspiration the world can seem bleak. However, it is often through giving up on a dream we had visioned as our younger self, that we go through a maturation by contemplating who we are now, how our priorities have changed, what we’ve learned & what is possible with our new sense of awareness.

Since we’re approaching full moon in the final sign of the astrological wheel, this will be a time when today’s moon in Aquarius helps us end dysfunctional karmic patterns that we’ve enacted for lifetimes by giving us sudden insight which helps us choose a new way forwards, so our future doesn’t have to be replay of past events.

Often our emotions are upset by our thoughts so if your plans need to change, remember this does not mean you have failed – it means Great Mystery may be trying to surprise you with something grander than your former self could have imagined.

Blessings on your day,


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