The moon is moving from Aquarius into Pisces today. So you may feel more reclusive as the day wears on. Why?

Pisces heightens our sensitivity & where do we want to be when we feel sensitive? Somewhere safe, away from harsh energies such as traffic, commercial advertising & people who are insensitive with their energy, words & actions.

Pisces is also the moon sign when we’re most inclined to drink to dull our sensitivities.

So if you start feeling like you could use an alcoholic bevy, perhaps take a moment to connect with your feelings & see if there’s something you’re trying to numb or drown out. Then if you choose to proceed & have a drink, at least you’re doing so with mindfulness.

Pisces moon can also dissolve our boundaries so we feel more energetically & emotionally open to those around us. This can set the scene for deeper connection & intimacy but it can also increase our empathy towards others.

So if you start feeling stressed or very emotional just check that you haven’t taken on the feelings of someone around you.

For those who are very empathic feel other’s feelings as if they were their own. This often results in a compulsion to fix everything & everyone in an attempt to ease the uncomfortable feeling.

When we connect with our feelings we identify the root cause which helps us take back our power to consciously respond rather than unconsciously react.

A great day for creative self-expression…as a way of soothing your nerves & expressing your feelings.

Blessings on your day,


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