The moon is now in Aquarius. Shazam! Yes, this is the time each month when serendipity is afoot so expect the unexpected!

– That may be meeting someone who becomes a big part of your future…

– Someone cracking open your old beliefs with a whole new way of thinking…

– An offer to be a part of something much bigger than yourself…

– Or you walk in front of a bus. (If that disturbs, watch ‘Defending Your Life’ with Albert Brooks & Meryl Streep to see even that can turn out well!)

Since the sun is in Scorpio, (the sign of transformation through intense emotional experiences), the transit of the moon (& our collective emotional body) through this detached sign may be a blessed relief.

Aquarius moon helps us see the big picture, which helps put whatever drama we’ve been focusing on into much needed perspective.

This is a time for ‘A ha!’ moments…whether that’s through intuitive flashes of insight or through firing your synapses through the sharing of ideas.

That makes this a great time to read books by authors you love because their deep sacred knowledge is encoded in the text – providing fertile ground for intuitive downloads between paragraphs, or by watching inspiring TED talks on You Tube or via online networking.

This is a time to expand what’s possible with people power…

Blessings on your day,


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