The moon is now in Aquarius. This is the sign of liberation from tyranny.

So if you have felt oppressed in any way, particularly during the moon’s transit through Capricorn over the last few days…this is the time when you find a way to break free!

Aquarius is the water bearer, one who bears & guards the source of life itself.

As the visionary, Aquarius reminds us of the big picture.

This helps us not get caught up in expending energy in petty quarrels, as we maintain the perspective of our long-term goals. Reconnecting with the contribution our efforts make to the whole, gives us the motivation to rise and access our innovation to overcome.

The bigger the vision, the bigger the motivation.

So if you’re feeling heavy, despondent or can’t see a way out of your current challenges…take a moment to consider the lesson of the times we’re living in.

The lesson of the Aquarian Age is to serve the greater good to create an egalitarian future.

When our actions serve this goal, we are supported internally & externally to transcend our trials & weather the fall out of limited thinking.

Blessings on your day,


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