Moon is now waxing in Aquarius after the Capricorn New Moon, so you may feel a bit like a bud unfurling it’s petals – gently does it as the energy is still very much with the self, but we’ve turned the corner and will start to feel more outward with each passing day.

This is especially true for those of you experiencing Winter as the 3 days over the new moon, known as ‘dark moon’ are especially deep inner descents designed to unpack the psyche for greater awareness.

For those of us now in Summer, we can find our inner self is calling us to stop & lie in a hammock, to conserve our energy in the extreme heat, meanwhile our personality is so lit up by the long days, we fill them with social plans so Summer becomes one long festival.

Aquarius moon invites us to consider how we can experience more oneness (that feeling of being connected with all life.)

So whether that’s going deep within & meditating if you’re in the depths of Winter or enjoying the company of soul brothers & sisters at Summer gatherings…the more connected we feel the lighter we feel inside & more expansive our thinking & our vision for the future.

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