Moon is now in Aquarius is a great time to surf You Tube to see what cutting edge ideas, perspectives & inventions are being contributed to the whole but not shared on the corporate owned media as they pose a threat to the status quo.

Similarly, reading channelled blogs & books when the moon is in Aquarius will also get your grey matter synapses firing with more possibilities that connect the dots!

We all have equal access to the mind of God – the one Infinite Intelligence moving through every facet of the unfolding matrix of life. We simply have to make the time to attune to it & inspire our mind with fertile thoughts not ones that lock in stereotypes & limiting beliefs.

Whilst this may alienate us from the group mind somewhat, it is akin to being let out of jail free! Instead of trying to fit in, you will be too busy exploring the realm of possibility that is you as a vessel for the Infinite intelligence of the Divine.

Enjoy exploring what lies beyond…for what seems at first completely inconceivable may just be the key that turns the lock on your finite mind!

Blessings on your day,


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