Moon is entering Aquarius today so you may feel a tad distant from loved ones – if you’re focusing on a vision for a better future. So if you notice you’re friendly but emotionally detached be mindful of keeping the balance so they don’t feel as if you care more about the greater good than them. (This is a shadow trait of the visionary, Aquarius. Those of you with an Aquarian parent will know what I’m talking about.)

On the up-side, Aquarius moon helps us to really work as a team to build something greater than we could otherwise do on our own. So if you need to enlist the help of others – this is a great day to share your ideas for a better way forward.

We’re more likely to feel energized & uplifted by connecting with the collective – especially sharing cutting edge ideas, humanitarian concepts & projects offering any form of innovation. That makes this a good time to connect via social media in a positive & productive way.

This is the ultimate time to ask, ‘Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?’ As it’s easy to identify a problem & discuss it & feel as if we care but unless we’re taking action we are enabling the status quo to continue. Unless we are making step-by-step progress towards a meaningful goal that benefits us all life feels empty & meaningless.

So be part of something greater & you’ll feel energized with purpose & passion that will reward you deeply.

Blessings on your day,