Moon is still waning in Aquarius. So don’t push yourself to do more than you have the energy for or you risk spiralling down mentally & emotionally.

Aquarius moon can see us enjoying conversations with people about ideas but when the emotional energy is so low we can flip into a story that ‘no one understands us’…& cast ourselves as an outsider.

So if your ideas are not readily embraced during the dark phase of the moon when people’s fears can surface creating resistance to new possibilities, use this time to expand your perceptions by really listening to others so you can better communicate to them in the future & read the works of great thinkers & visionaries who inspire you. Moon in Aquarius is also a great time for stargazing whilst asking to receive visions, inspired ideas & solutions to problems.

Do allow your mind to wander & ponder, as this is a time to think outside the square. Those who fear change often attempt to ridicule those who propose a different approach, dismissing them by naming them as ‘radicals’.

To see how the political spin doctors marginalise those who question those in power I highly recommend watching the film, ‘Primary Colors’ starring Emma Thompson & John Travolta.

Radical thinking is necessary in a world that is on the brink of collapse. We must try a new approach if we want a new outcome.

History remembers those who dare to inspire great change, not those who seek to preserve conservatism for their own benefit…so dare to be different if your motive is to serve the greater good & then ensure you stay grounded & take practical steps to enact your vision so you don’t end up being all talk…one of the shadows of this sign.

Blessings on your day,