Moon is now waning in Aquarius & with the moon square to Venus, this is a ‘feel good’ day and a chance to show up for ourselves.

The theme today is: integrate your experiences to open to limitless possibilities.

This is because we are now in the final week of the lunar month – a time when we reflect & distill all the lessons from the previous 3 weeks so we’re available to embrace new opportunities in the coming lunar cycle.

If we don’t feel resolve, we feel overwhelmed at the thought of anything new, which inhibits our growth & expansion. So do try to take some time out to journal to assist this inner processing.

Aquarius helps us to attune to the ‘big picture – & to how we fit into that. So the moon moving through this sign helps us reconnect with how our efforts & attitude contribute to the social reformation needed to benefit humankind.

This is a day for offering new ideas & implementing new projects that will make life easier for everyone – at work, at home or in your community.

So if you see an old way of doing things that seems cumbersome, outmoded or doesn’t make sense to you, today is the day to question it as people will be most receptive to hearing a new possibility.

Blessings on your day,