Moon is now in Aquarius so you may feel as if the sky’s the limit! (which of course is the truth as the sky is the infinite beyond).

Aquarius helps us to think big & move beyond perceived restrictions. So for those of you with a lot of Cappy in your chart or Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn heavily aspected in your natal chart you may find today ushers in some relief after the past two weeks building up to the full moon in Capricorn, (sign of restriction & discipline).

If you’ve felt in any way caged in or limited recently, do yourself a favour & give yourself great vista! For when we can see the horizon or a huge skyscape above us, it’s easier to think outside the box of past conditions & imagine a greater future.

This is especially so, if you live in high density housing on the bottom floor, in a forest where you can’t always see the wood for the trees or it’s been too long since you saw the stars or the oceanic expanse.

The big picture reminds us that whatever we have been making a drama out of is really not such a huge ordeal. The ego focuses on one drama after another in it’s bid to keep us safe, whereas the soul focuses on that which is so big it humbles us small concerns.

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