Moon in Aquarius

Aug 22, 2021

Today’s Luna Guidance for Moon in Aquarius

Happy Full Blue Moon in Aquarius Everyone! 

Luna will be full at 10.01pm tonight, AEST. 

To convert that into your local time visit: 

Today is a day to expect the unexpected and get a glimpse of your future, or what you’re doing to block the future of your highest destiny since Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius is retrograde – like a lightning bolt out of the blue. So pay attention if you receive a wake up call.

You may find yourself feeling light headed or headachey, if so, be sure to ground with some protein, walking barefoot or lying on the Earth.

This may have impacted your ability to get a good night’s sleep with such heightened energies over the past 24 hours and the coming 24 hours as we feel the effects of a full moon for 3 days. You may also have noticed the winds of change sweeping through your life both literally and figuratively, as the moon waxed to full in Aquarius which governs new ideas. It is on the winds Gaia carries thought forms around the globe. So if you’ve been lacking a solution to a problem, go for a walk in the fresh air and inhale deeply.

Aquarius is the constellation of ‘A Ha!’ moments – which often occur through the meeting of ideas that previously we hadn’t connected before. Joining the dots so to speak.

This connection is what enables us to see the cosmic joke, for a joke is literally when we find a correlation between two things that seem in no way related. The more disparate the ideas, the funnier the joke. 

In other words, when we find a connection, we heal separation – the greater the separation we heal, the more it lights us up…so we become light-hearted and see the lighter side of life, instead of living in the dark finite recesses of rational, limited thinking. 

Such connections, create a physical spark of light in our brain, lighting up the synapses. So too, when we are open to connecting with people who don’t appear to have anything in common with us, but discover points of connection – things we have in common, it lights both parties up mutually. 

So today – look for what everything has in common, be it people, plants, animals and seemingly inanimate objects. The more common ground you discover, the lighter and brighter you’ll feel. As the moon is building to full, the intensity is rising – making connectivity and humour a welcome relief to diffuse the tension.

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Blessings on your day, 



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