Moon is still in Aquarius at the mo, which is an air sign so do be sure to ground your energy especially if driving or operating machinery! The fastest way to ground is to stand on the earth barefoot or eat some protein. When we’re ungrounded we can be scattered mentally, finding it hard to focus & trip over, bump into or not be spatially aware.

Out of all the sign Luna moves through in a month this is the least emotional so a good time to make decisions that require impartial judgement & assessment of the facts without reactivity.

Aquarius is the freedom fighter so if you feel like being a rebel under this influence, just be sure you’re a rebel WITH a cause or you’ll end up falling on your own sword. In other words, ‘choose your battles’ – this also applies to not scattering your energy by trying to save the planet on every front by joining every cause that targets your inbox.

We become less effective the more we disperse our energies so choose a cause you are truly aligned with & passionate about & pour your energies into that, trusting others will step up to effectively to the same for the causes you don’t dedicate your time to. Being a master of none & over-committing serves no one.

The wind often picks up when we transit through an air sign & this can further scatter energies so try not to rush around like an airhead, breathe, catch yourself if talking a million miles a minute a breathe, connecting with who it is that’s speaking. 🙂

Blessings on your day,


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