Moon in Aquarius

Jan 31, 2022

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Aquarius

So…moon is now moving into Aquarius, before tomorrow’s new moon in Aquarius!

This is the time to share your dream with your tribe because if you keep it to yourself it will remain a dream. Whereas if you dare to share it, those who feel the same way will join with you in making it a reality. 

Yes, Great Grandmother Spider was said to weave the web of creation and now we all have this ability with the worldwide web at our fingertips.  

With Aquarius also being the sign of this astrological age we are ushering in for the next 2000 years we are in an exciting time of innovation and the flowering of human potential through humanitarian ideals. 

So if you’re here for the ride it’s because you wanted to be a part of this exciting new era. 

If you are a seed carrier, nurture your inspired idea with consistent, right action. 

If you are a seed nurturer take action on offering your skills or resources to those whose visions most align with your soul. 

Whether you are the one who seeds or nurtures the dream is not the point. What does matter is that you invest some time or energy every day in making a difference to that which matters most to your soul. This passion will replace the need for drama and substance highs! 

So with that in mind I invite all you seed carriers to share your dream in the comments section below and all you dream nurturers to offer your support if you feel lit up in alignment. 

Don’t be shy, for who knows how big your beanstalk will grow from this humble seed. 

My dream grew out of feeling alone and unsupported. I therefore am committed to doing all I can to create a world where everyone is better supported to create and enjoy loving relationships, families and communities. This is why I create posts, books, online courses, and retreats. 

My ULTIMATE DREAM is to live in conscious community within a Rainbow Bridge retreat center which runs educational programs to teach men, women and children how to live in sacred communion with themselves, each other and the natural cycles.

Blessings on your day,




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