Moon moves into Aquarius where she’ll stay for the full moon tomorrow.

The catch cry for Aquarius is ‘expect the unexpected’…so remember the words coined by John Lennon, ‘life’s what happens while you’re busy making other plans.’

Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius can strike us suddenly like lightning with flashes of insight – offering breakthroughs & innovation so we can move forwards. So this is a good time to discuss future plans & ideas with others on your bandwidth as this will stimulate the download of insights.

Being an air sign, we can feel more like daydreaming / talking than doing so be sure to record insights & plans so they don’t dissipate & become ‘hot air’ with no follow through.

This is a powerful time to get a glimpse of your future so take note of who makes contact with you over these couple of days as they’re likely to play an important role in your future. It’s also a good time to seed conscious intent for your future by visualizing & affirming future plans.

Some may feel sensitivity around being ‘ahead of their time’ – such as feelings of frustration they are not understood or that the future they can see is not already here. Bless what is & find the current lesson in your current circumstance if you relate to this, as the next scenario will not appear until we have made our peace with what is.

In the shadow of an Aquarian transit we can feel rebellious about the status quo so be sure to focus your energies on creating positive change rather than just rebelling for the sake of it which achieves nothing.

Blessings on your day,


Blessings on your day  🙂




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