Moon in Aquarius

Sep 8, 2022

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Aquarius

Moon is now in Aquarius and while that often means we can feel the least emotional out of all the lunar transits, with the energies building to full moon in Pisces this weekend – don’t be surprised if a waterfall of emotion eclipses you over the next few days! 

If an emotional storm is brewing it may surface as a need to detach from those who trigger emotion in you, as an unconscious way of delaying the inevitable rendezvous with an old wound.

In addition, we have Chiron, the planetoid that presents us with our ultimate wound forming in retrograde. So you may find yourself reacting to situations with the volatility of a small child. 

Should a catalyst present – find a safe space to enter the wound, roll around in it, become it – for only when we have really explored every nook and cranny of it from the inside out, can we emerge from it feeling like we’ve completed a process that honours the experience we endured and allowed ourselves the time, patience and presence of heart to hold a space for it to be acknowledged and embraced in wholeness. 

This is noble work, which we may be called upon to midwife in each other this weekend…otherwise secondary symptoms arise to mask the core issues, such as compulsive busy-ness to hide the underlying anxiety of the small unhealed child within. 

This approaching Piscean full moon evokes the archetype of Hecate, the mystic. In the Norse mythology, Hecate, the wise crone who shows us our fears, was known as ‘Hel’. 

This is where the concept of a place of lost souls was coined. Hell is not a destination, it is a state of absolute contraction, when our fears have so consumed us, that we experience ourselves in a state of complete separation. 

Should you find yourself in the dry, dark pits of despair and you lack the loving, patient arms of a Beloved or furry friend to midwife you back to the landscape of the everyday world, call upon your unseen guides – your grandmothers, angels, ascended masters and the wise lunar mystic herself, Hecate to guide your way home. 

To assist the healing of all souls on our planet at this time, especially those who are re-visiting deep wounds as a service to us all – liberating the density of this realm, please consider singing along with this beautiful chant
Longtime Sun –

3 x times: 

Once for yourself
Once for your loved ones and
Once for everyone in our global family

Blessings on your day,


It is time to restore the sacred balance if we are to create a future that’s joyful for all.

How do we do that?
The secret has been hidden from us – deliberately veiled but we can reclaim the lost wisdom to heal ourselves and, in doing so, heal our world.

The Grail is available here

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