Happy Full Moon in Aries! This is the sign which evokes the inner hero to take action on that which stirs our soul. If we have a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning which makes us feel like we’re making a difference you will extra feel alive & youthful like this first sign of the zodiac during this full moon transit in Aries. Whereas if you’re just going through the motions or you’ve outgrown your original goal & it no longer inspires or motivates you then you’re likely to feel tetchy this full moon – a sign that you need to take action & seek out or call in a new mission which makes you feel truly alive.

Aries is a masculine sign. So if our masculine expression is wounded (regardless of our physical gender) we will over analyse or find reasons to not take action when action is needed. If our masculine expression is not tempered by our feminine expression we will act without pause for thought which creates conflict and destruction when we act without due consideration for the effect of our actions on others or the world around us. (Yes, that’s the imbalance we see mirrored on a global scale due to the lack of value placed on all things feminine. The clean up job is a work in progress. A working bee which we’re all invited to by healing our feminine side…am writing about that in the book titled, ‘The Goddess’ which will be released next June.) If we are in right relationship with our masculine, we will take up the fight within and confront the chips on our shoulder we’re carrying from our past & seek to resolve those experiences so we don’t act from wound & wound others. This awareness & commitment to take action on the inner adventure is what births the true rainbow warrior.
When immature, this aspect tries to rescue damsels in order to prove he’s a good man to himself & others. When mature, this aspect helps instinctually without thinking simply because it’s the right thing to do. If you haven’t found your purpose, connect with what fires you up & enthuses you.

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