Moon is gibbous (nearly full) and waxing in the fire sign, Aries. Aries urges us to initiate so this influence may highlight where you’re fearful of taking action so you can move forwards into new terrain in your life. If you find you are standing timidly at the starting gate of a venture, do consider watching a film that fires up your inner hero.

We have been taught to be a hero you must have physical superpowers – rather than just being a human who is willing to rise to meet your challenges. To quote David Bowie, ‘We can be heroes’…hopefully for more than one day because that’s what most needed now on the planet.

That’s why the current hunger for superhero films. We’re are being urged to respond by facing our fears so we can transcend them.

When our ‘inner Ares’ is under-confident, we can be afraid of conflict should we get involved, speak up or take any action. So rather than just seeing Ares as some war God which feels quite one-dimensional, I prefer to see him as positive male energy – the ability to act & create forward motion…whether that’s in a male or female body.

Blessings on your day heroes and sheroes!