Happy New Moon everyone! Today is a great time to set clear intent for a new chapter or project.

So today is a great day for considering what new action your soul is asking you to take. New moon is the optimal time to meditate since the energy is so inward, so consider showing up & having a meeting within to get clear on the direction that will most enthuse & empower your inner spark.

Today is also a potent time for creating vision boards (a collage of your intentions for the future), drawing / writing your future goals or creating an action plan to achieve them.

Many people dream rather than do, which leads to a deep sense of unfulfillment which they try to fill will external pleasures & thrills. Those who lead fulfilling lives are those who dare to live the dream…taking step-by-step action to pursue ‘The Impossible Dream’.

Now is the time to begin.

Blessings on your day,

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