Moon is waning in Aries so take note if you feel aggressive that what may lie beneath is some tears. Often to avoid feeling our vulnerability, we psychically armour up to protect our sensitivity.

This leads us to ‘act tough’ swearing more than usual, being curt / monosyllabic or shut down towards loved ones. Or you may experience pent up energies – like ‘snakes in a bag’ as my friend, Deb coined it.

Just as rains clear pollution, tears help us to cleanse energetically.

So if your inner fire is a little out of control as Luna journeys through Ares, (the fire sign which ignites our ‘boy within’ who doesn’t want to admit he’s not always a superhero) – let yourself be human and you’ll be able to get back to saving the world without injuring yourself or others with your impetuousness.

Blessings on your day,


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