Moon is still waning in Aries on the last day of the lunar month…so take extra caution on the roads since Aries moon is the time most likely to encounter people taking their frustrations out within the perception of armour that their vehicles provide.

Aries moon evokes the archetype of the warrior within our psyche. When consciously integrated, this aspect is honoured as the sacred warrior who first addresses the conflict within ensuring they act from a place that is centered & strong.

When unconscious we walk around with a chip on our shoulder (because we haven’t addressed our own inner conflict) which then makes us more reactive to others, resulting in outer conflict.

So given our shadow traits in Aries will be out to be seen today…start your day with a sun practice to anchor the sacred warrior within & you will move around obstacles with the grace & flow of a samurai.

Blessings on your day,


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