The moon is still in Aries, so move your energy today with some kind of active activity & you’ll feel so glad you did. Why?

Regardless of your personal horoscope, when the moon moves through the sign of Aries we get ignited with the element of fire to get moving.

Whether that’s starting something new which enthuses us, waking up our life force with physical exercise or acting upon our passions.

If we don’t, we can feel a bit on edge; prickly, impatient & quick to anger & frustration.

So today is a good day to focus on an action plan…addressing that which is causing frustration by taking appropriate action.

Aries moon is also a good time to acknowledge that if we’re negating our personal ideas & goals in order to please someone else, consciously or unconsciously we will struggle with anger & feelings of resentment (unexpressed anger).

By not addressing the root cause, we end up feeling perpetually annoyed at everything in general.

So if you are not taking full responsibility for your choices by holding others accountable for your frustrating situation, dare to confront if you’re harbouring illusory beliefs such as, ‘being true to yourself would result in disapproval, hurt or loss of love’.

Aries, the sign of the child, asks us to set free the magical child of wonder who arrived with full faith in themselves & the benevolent universe by identifying where we’re playing small by trying to live up to the will of others based on the conditioning we received as children.

Dare to grow up even if you fear your family won’t approve,



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