Moon is now waning in Aries, making this a great time to make dance as a process to integrate everything you’ve experienced in this lunar month. This is because Aries evokes the warrior / dancer.

Dance traditionally was a shamanic practice – a way of shifting into an altered consciousness (without substances). The Tarantula was one example, the folk dance of the spider woman from Italia. Such a dance allowed women to lose themselves & release all the pent up madness within them. Unfortunately many of us were influenced by the stories, ‘Giselle’ & ‘The Red Shoes’ which both portray dance as something to fear because of it’s power, rather than a way of releasing our stress so we don’t go mad.

20 years ago I recall hiring a hall with my sisters to dance out our inner hysteria at the madness of the world once a week to the music of the late Gabrielle Roth who created the dance practice, ‘5 Rhythms’ which uses trance inducing music to journey through 5 emotional states.

I discovered dance as medicine for my psyche in my early twenties when I started going to festivals where African djembe drums were being played in circle & the energies would take me over & I would journey through the inner planes to receive teaching and shapeshift.

Now there are many teachers seeding many forms of shamanic dance practices. Including Kundalini Dance, Trance Dance, Shamanic Dance, Freedom Dance and Chakra Dance.

I mention this as I can’t imagine not having a movement practice to ensure my body isn’t holding on to stress – particularly when we’re being asked to evolve at such an accelerated rate, if we want to remain on this planet. There has been a lot of volcanic activity on the planet of late, signifying the rising kundalini within us all. This is a force that needs to move, to be released in creative ways so we don’t blow up destructively.

So if you can, dance out your hysteria today in your lounge room or check out your nearest dance practice to give your inner warrior / warrioress a place to express themselves in a sacred space. Just be sure to stretch first! And respect the power of dance – do not take substances before trance dance or you do risk losing your mind. The casualties of the rave culture are many!

Blessings on your day,


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