Happy full moon in Aries everyone!

This is likely to be a busy time for anyone who works in emergency services, so please take extra care – especially on the roads & try not to inflame potentially volatile situations with reckless or reactive behaviour.

Try to keep your thoughts positive today by being discerning about what you expose yourself to. Play high frequency music, light candles & invite your loved ones to read or watch inspirational books, articles, poems or films rather than plugging into the latest drama being whipped up by the media. For this is always what they think will appeal to the lowest common denominator which is a surefire way to bring you down.

This is a time to consider our relationship with the masculine, so we may heal it – for Aries, is the sign of new beginnings & ruled by Mars, the planetary sphere of masculine expression.

Rather than lament or affirm the wounded masculine within our culture after 5000 years of Patriarchy, instead invoke the power of the sacred king within us all – & upon our planet; he who acts from his heart, free of fear to honour life & growth.

You can also read more about the full moon in my astro forecast here : https://themoonwoman.com/astro-forecast/25

Blessings on your day,


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