The moon is now waxing in Aries. being a fire sign we can generate more energy & heat in our bodies, so be sure to wear layers when exercising.

This is a great moon sign for cardio exercise, as we seem to have more energy to burn & exercise gives us an outlet to discharge pent up frustrations.

Aries being the youngest of all the signs can act without thinking on impulse, leading to reckless behaviour so exercise caution on the roads for these couple of days & visualise cooling lunar energy to calm you down should someone’s actions ignite your anger.

Perhaps our greatest challenge when the moon transits through Aries is patience.

In these transition times when our karmic lessons seem relentless as we are each being initiated into a higher level of vibrational integrity & sovereignty perhaps most important of all is that we strive to be calm, remembering what’s most important.

Drama feeds on fear. We can avoid that downward spiral if we attune to our inner knowing to access the right course of action in any situation.

When the gnosis of our heart directs us, we are not seduced by power, greed or righteousness.

Aries can bring out the ego, which can result in conflict – navigate your way with awareness, acknowledging the effect of energy in every choice made.

Blessings on your day,


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