Moon is still in Aries, so you may feel like you’ve got fire in your heels to get stuff done…so remember to breathe if you find yourself getting impatient with the physical reality not matching the immediate intensity of your desire.

Aries moon also puts a fire in the belly to move ya’ body & exercise so do channel all that fire energy, lest it becomes stuck & you end up feeling easily irritated.

Aries moon also invites us to play…so if an invitation comes a knockin’ to do something fun, don’t think twice…provided it isn’t reckless or destructive. (Two of the shadow traits of Aries which can surface if we have a lot of unresolved anger.)

Do be sure to afford others mutual respect for their ideas, plans & timelines today as an Aries lunar transit can see us so focused honour own that we can impose our will without consideration for others.

Checking in with others will certainly help you avoid conflict during this sometimes volatile sign.

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Blessings on your day,


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