Moon has just moved into Aries so if you’ve been feeling sleepy, this should help shift the fog of Pisces moon.

This is a great window to take action – knowing that any fears Pisces brought to the fore will dissipate the more we ‘feel the fear & do it anyway’.

Aries can tend toward impatience so don’t worry if you don’t action everything you’d hope to by the day’s end…trust everything happens in perfect timing. Even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

To avoid feeling like you never get ‘enough’ done. Try starting your day by invoking your Soul to take the driver’s seat then ask your heart’s deepest wisdom as to what tasks are in alignment with your highest destiny that day.

This will help you prioritise from your heart instead of your head & avoid a headache. Headaches are common when the moon moves through Aries, due to the tendency to lead ‘from the head’ which can create judgement & conflict if we don’t rationally understand why our outer reality doesn’t match our personal agenda.

So today’s advice: Invoke the timeframe of the big picture & save yourself a headache.

Blessings on your day,


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