Moon is still waxing in Aries so this is a time to put your best foot forward & action anything that lights you up on the inside!

Aries is the sign of independence so if you have a strong independent streak at the best of times you may find it hard to ‘play nicely with others’ today.

Aries moon can also bring out our impatience & temper as its governing planet, Mars can ignite with a short fuse if things don’t play out according to ‘our way’.

So what to do about that if you find yourself nodding too emphatically?

Run, dance, punch a punching bag, kick a ball in the backyard or go to the gym – just move your energy to diffuse that pent up excess exploding if you feel your temperature rising.

And remember, just because something doesn’t get done today – doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Blessings on your day,


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