The moon is now almost void as she moves through the final degrees of Aries today. That may just tame the drive to get up & go that we usually feel when the moon’s in Aries…but still take extra care on the roads as this lunar sign can result in impulsive, reckless & road rage.

Aries moon can also ignite resentment towards those who don’t consider the effects of their actions on others…on the heels of the karmic full moon in Pisces, you may notice this as a theme at present.

You will find you experience less conflict today if you make your wishes known, as this allows for discussions & strategies so that everyone’s needs & desires can be taken into account.

If we don’t speak what we really want or feel like doing, it is more likely you’ll feel resentful towards others who openly pursue their goals. Resentment is unexpressed anger. The way to avoid that building up inside of you is assertion.

Aries rewards those who take action…those who say what they want & act accordingly. So if you’re backward in coming forward or leave it others to lead & make the decisions for fear of getting it wrong & being rejected now is the window to take a risk on initiating some authentic action.

Taking action is a habit. The more we practise acting upon our authentic desires the more authentic every aspect of our life becomes & the less cold wars, pent up stress & conflict we experience.

A reminder too that tickets are now on sale for my Sacred Union Australian Tour this March

Blessings on your day,


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