New Moon in Aries, (sign of the child & new beginnings) today! So this lunar month asks us to take a leap of faith into an exciting new chapter in our lives.

This can only be done if our innocence is in tact. Innocence is not naivete. Innocence is a sense of wonder & reverence for the unknowable. A deep respect for that which is beyond the comprehension of our rational mind.

We start innocent & lose this quality over time as we spend more time focusing on the known universe & ultimately become ‘know it all’s’. The more we know, the more we have reasons for not taking risks & our life becomes smaller, limited by our finite view of reality.

When we have innocence, we have a deep sense of trust in the process of life, which enables us to expand – to try new things. As Einstein said, “The most important you can ask is, ‘is it a benevolent universe?'”

This is because he understood we subconsciously create outer experiences according to our inner beliefs & expectations.

So now is a good time to ask, ‘Is it a benevolent universe?’ Then notice your response. If your mind gives you evidence to the contrary. Make a note of those reasons as these hold the key to you regaining your innocence.

By journalling & contemplating how these events may also serve the greater good, beyond what you can ascertain you will heal your sense of separation & cynicism, restoring trust in a connected multiverse.

And the more we trust, the bigger our leaps into greater & greater expansion!

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Blessings on your new moon,


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