Moon is in Aries for the new moon, this can highlight the shadow traits of Aries…& as is often the case, one unconscious deed begets another.

For example, you may find yourself experiencing a short fuse and exploding in anger and frustration if you’re dealing with people who have no concept of ‘other’.

Shadow Aries is the child who sees themselves as the centre of the universe & all others as secondary to their wants & needs.

You may find you want to get heaps done and feel irritable if you feel unable to do what you set out to achieve today.

I’m not just referring to those born under this sign as we’re all affected by the moon moving through this sign.

Sure, if Aries is heavily aspected in your birth chart you will feel it more than most but ultimately we’re all learning these lessons together as we journey the wheel.

Blessings on your day,


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