Moon is still waxing in Aries and the sun is in Sagittarius. So we have fire  as the dominant energies today…quite
a masculine feel – very different from the last solar month in Scorpio which saw us really explore how we feel about pretty much everything, especially our passions & pain.
So, Aries moon will inspire you to take action & highlight where you’re fearful of taking action & moving forwards in your life. If you find you are standing timidly at the starting gate of a venture, do consider watching a film that fires up your inner hero.
Aries moon evokes the energy of Ares, the God of War. When this aspect is empowered within our psyche we aren’t afraid to take a stand against that which isn’t just. So a true hero is a whistleblower who doesn’t necessarily have bulging muscles.
We have been taught to be a hero you must have physical super powers – rather than just being a human who is willing to give your all for a just cause. To quote David Bowie, ‘We can be heroes’…hopefully for more than one day because that’s what most needed now on the planet.
That’s why the current hunger for superhero films. Do be mindful of what we’re showing our kids & our own psyche is heroic.
When our ‘inner Ares’ is under-confident, we can be afraid of conflict should we get involved, speak up or take any action. So rather than just seeing Ares as some war God which feels quite one-dimensional I prefer to see him as positive male energy – the ability to act & create forward motion.
So if you are someone who is quite passive by nature, chances are you need to spend some time hanging out with your inner Ares & get to know what motivates him. I speak more about how to do this
in my book, Sacred Union. Volume One: Creating Sacred Union Within avail as an ebook or paperback via this link:

Creating Sacred Union Within

Blessings on your day,