Moon is still waxing in Aries…so yes it is a good time to get things done…within reason. Allow me to explain:
We are now in the phase described as a ‘Gibbous moon’ when the size of the illuminated portion is greater than half
but not a full Moon.
This is a phase where we may have to refine or edit our primary hopes. For instance, we may realize we’ve overextended ourselves or upon more information, need to change our plans.
For those in the Southern hemisphere, we’re now within the lunar month of the Summer Solstice – the most active & outward time of the year, so it can be easy to bite off more than you can chew & need to stop & reassess.
For those in the Northern hemisphere, you are now within the lunar month of the Winter Solstice, the most receptive & inward time of the year. So this is not the time to expect yourself to have energy to burn, so do conserve what you have by being discerning about what you commit to.
During a gibbous moon, emotionally our spirits tend to be high, making this a good time to make any necessary changes, without feeling triggered & going into drama about it.

Blessings on your day