Moon is going void today as she moves from Pisces, the last sign in the astrological mandala to Aries, the first sign…so you may feel as if you’re somewhere between the old & the new, with memories or dreams of past events which have left a big emotional imprint resurfacing along with a resolve to do things differently.

This is a good time to notice what has come full circle in your life – such as repeated lessons or the fulfilments of seeds planted a month ago.

With Mercury conjuncting Jupiter in Sagittarius conscious communication will be much needed so take your time forming your words and communicate what is necessary. This may include discussing how you can achieve both your individual & joint goals as well as your individual & shared responsibilities.

As always, when the moon is void – avoid making major decisions you may later regret. Moon will arrive in Aries at precisely 3.00pm Melbourne, Australia daylight savings time. To convert into your local time visit:

Blessings on your day,