Moon is now waxing in Aries – a time of challenges, decisions & action so with your inner warrior evoked by Aries moon driving the bus, you’ll feel motivated to take action where it’s needed.

We are still under the influence of Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius however Mars moves into Sagittarius also this evening adding fuel to the mix. This may take the form of taboos & secrets being exposed which upset the status quo but are necessary for transparency, integrity & healing.

The Aries moon being is square to both Mercury and Jupiter so invoke the strength of the sun in
Capricorn to temper your reactions.

With the moon in Aries and the sun in Capricorn, you may feel personal contradictions between your inner self (ruled by Aries moon) that feels impulsive & your outer self (ruled by Cappy sun) that feels cautious. Breathe down the light of the sun to balance any lunacy you feel & assist yourself by getting enough sleep! Interaction between the sexes may also be a little challenging for this reason.

Remember, a rainbow warrior sets their course for a path of healing & acceptance of all colors within themselves so they can be more forgiving of the full spectrum in others.

Do take extra care on the roads today as moon in Aries can make for hot-headed hooning.

Don’t be surprised if you get lightning strikes to catalyze a bolt out of the blue to awaken your awareness.

Blessings on your day,