Moon is still in Aries but will start her move into earth sign, Taurus, going void (making no major aspects) at 12.18pm today, Melbourne daylight saving time, Australia to 3.14am Sunday – to convert that into your local time visit

So this will be a calmer 24 hours than the last so during this window of void moon it’s an optimal time to reflect & integrate past events by meditating or journaling. The moon square to Pluto may raise some shadows from the subconscious, helping us to become more aware.

Sun in Cappy will help us to do just that. So if you’ve been experiencing rage, frustrations & laying down ultimatums that ask others to shape up or ship out over the past few days, this is a good time to stand true to your boundaries, whilst you consider what changes you need to make to stand in alignment with your highest integrity…rather than just focusing on what others need to do as judge & juror.

Taurus asks us to look at our physical surrounds to see how well we are living our values…in other words, ‘Are we walking our talk?’ Taurus, asks us to live Heaven on Earth – not by postulating or preaching but through the embodiment of that which we value the most. Taurus helps humble us by bringing us back down to Earth to wallow in the mud of our own actions – so if you’ve tripped over yourself & fallen face first. Take a moment to laugh (the gift of the Earth signs) & enjoy your humanness!

Blessings on your day,