Moon is entering void today (moving from Pisces to Aries 12.08pm – 10.50pm Melbourne Australia time )   

So don’t be pressured into decisions today if you feel unsure about anything.

Void moon can cause us to feel a bit uncertain, so this makes it harder to trust our intuitive sense – even when the moon is in in the last degrees of Pisces – the most psychic of all the signs.

This is a great day to do mundane tasks that allow your mind to wander.

Traditionally, priestess women would use the Winter tasks of working the loom, spinning or weaving as a pathway into trance states to vision & consult their inner knowing.

This is why girls were deterred from learning how to spin themselves with the tale of Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger upon the spindle of a spinning wheel. Anything cyclic has the ability to take us deep within, because it mimics the process of life itself which is cyclic. So as we focus on a wheel spinning, it stands to reason it assists in opening the circular vortices that open our subtle senses – the chakras.

So if you have something repetitive to do like ironing or some mind numbing task at work, embrace it as an opportunity to slip into a light altered state of consciousness. (Unless you’re working on machinery – in fact, probably best to avoid that altogether if you can today.)

If you enjoy learning about ‘Herstory’ the feminine perspective of our past, you’ll enjoy my book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ which has a section titled ‘Herstory’ in each chapter, which shows the subtle ways in which our sacred feminine traditions were distorted, leading to widespread fear & mistrust of the feminine – even by women.

I also thoroughly recommend seeing the film ‘Suffragette’ released
recently which gives compelling insight into how far we’ve come in the
last 100 years & the sacrifices made by women determined that we
would have a better life than theirs.

Blessings on your day,