Moon is waxing in Aries, which is the ultimate time to take action wherever its needed in your life. If you play sports, this is the day for a personal best!

To do that one needs to get their head in the game. (Aries rules the head, despite being a fire sign.) What this affirms is that action follows thought. So if your self talk is negative you will experience defeat – no matter what the task or pursuit.

Often we internalize the criticism of authority figures growing up, be they parents, mentors, coaches or teachers. This can cause us to ‘fire up’ to prove them wrong as an impetus to achieve a goal.

However if anger is fuelling you, you may choke when you most need to rely on yourself due to a fear that your negative role model was right. So if you can, consider where the put down came from. For example, were they:

– challenged by your power

– venting their own perfectionism outwards on to others

– living through you whilst punishing themselves for not achieving

– competing with you to affirm their own power

– unhappy in their own life

Whatever the reason, bringing understanding helps cool the rage so we can have compassion for those who judge us harshly. Then it is our own potential that inspires us rather than our efforts being based on a grudge match for glory. When we simply strive for our personal best we inspire others without even knowing who we touch.

In the myth of Ares, the warrior God who governs the sacral chakra (emotional center) he was locked up in a jar by two giants, his authority figures which are most often our parents. When he learns to see them as also human & flawed they no longer have any power over him & he is freed from his imprisonment.

Today’s aspects: Moon squares Jupiter and Pluto, you may find yourself feeling overly emotional and struggling with compulsive behavior. Whilst the Moons trine with Mars pushes you for more action.

Be gentle with yourself!


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