Moon is now waxing in Aries so the energy is pretty intense right now, so try to give people a wide berth if they seem to be feeling overwhelmed or you may end up on the receiving end!

Aries moon can lead to emotional outbursts of the inner child who wants things their way & now (regardless of their age or status).

So the more you can demonstrate you are focused on trying to ensure the needs of others are important to you, you’ll find your day much easier to navigate. 

Aries moon can lead us to be hot-headed & make rash, even reckless decisions so to counteract this tendency, regardless of your personal Sun (star) sign visualise a pale, cool blue ray of energy to calm yourself & any situation that feels like it’s getting heated, to ensure it doesn’t become a battle of wills.

On a positive note – this is a great day to forge ahead boldly with your plans…so seize this day to move forwards without hesitation on the light within propelling you onwards & upwards.

Luna is in conjunction to Lilith your instinct will be strong, and you may want to  connect to your inner magic. 

Blessings on your day,