Moon is still waxing in Aries making this a great time to go for a run, play any kind of sports or indulge in some horseplay with foam noodles, a pillow fight or wrestling to let off some steam.

With our emotions being fuelled by the warrior energy we can unwittingly go looking for a fight or find we are more reactive or say / write inflammatory things. So too, we can go off half-cocked & act without thinking leading to reckless endangerment of self or others.

So getting our excess fire out with active play helps bring us into balance so we are not using our creative fire in a way that is harmful rather than helpful.

If you find you’ve got pent up anger that you don’t know what to do with  smash some plates, yell like a football fan or dance to some rock music in your lounge room. This is good to teach kids that anger is a part of life & it’s better out than in – so long as we discharge it in a safe way so we’re not walking around like a time bomb waiting for someone to say the words that will detonate us.

(Cleaning is a productive way to shift anger if you put good music on.)

Luna is square to Jupiter our we may feel like we are carrying extra baggage today, and willing to share any of our opinions to others, whether they want to hear them or not. 

Luna is also square to Mars stay grounded and mindful as you may feel like you have two left feet. Try to avoid being to impetuous.

Blessings on your day,